About the Artist


“Everything is art, all you have to do is see it.”
~ R. West

Painting from the heart and soul, Roxy Wuz Here creates one-of-a-kind, intention-based pieces depicting a story from her perspective. 

Roxy Wuz Here has always been artistically inclined. With a never-ending love for all things art–music, writing, painting, etc–she utilized the power of creativity as a tool to release negativity that had impacted her life, including depression.

Roxy Wuz Here’s journey as a self-taught artist began when she was redecorating her apartment and needed a painting she couldn’t find. Instead, she took it upon herself to paint her own artwork only to realize just how soothing and relaxing painting really was. From then on, how her life progressed and how it made her feel served as the subject matter for her original artworks.

It is through her original, mixed-media artworks that she has been able to shift to a better space–a space of healing and joy that has enabled her to help others achieve the same.