Healing Through Art Paint Workshops


“Love Can Heal, So Can Art”

The objective for the Healing Through Art workshops is for guests to tap in with self, identify where you are, how you feel and express all that you discover through the canvas.
Guests will be provided with a Roxy Wuz Here original concept along with the visual that was created to accompany that concept. 

Guests will then be encouraged to explore the provided concept and how it relates to their life experience or circumstance and recreate their own artistic visual of what it looks like applied to them and their journey. 




Please fill In the form to provide as many details/questions about your desired workshop as possible including but not limited to the following.

-Age group: 

Children age 6-12

Teens 13-16

Adults 17+ 

-Desired Time/Date(s) 

-Group size 

-Company/Organization (if applicable)

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours to schedule a one on one call or zoom meeting to discuss your inquiry and other details. Each workshop experience will be curated based on details provided by the planner/organizer.  


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