Children 2022: Gallerium International online exhibit

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So proud to announce that Little Art Lovers: “Teddy Bear” has selected to participate in the Children 2022 Gallerium online international exhibit! 

“Gallerium Art Exhibitions proudly presents Children 2022 Smart International Online Group Exhibition. The exhibition opens on July 20 and will remain on view until August 20, 2022.

Children 2022, an international juried dual art exhibition, celebrates life and appreciates childhood through artistic visualization of children's faces, figures, emotions, and acts. 

Since the Conversion on the Rights for children, their education and health have been improved worldwide in three decades. Yet, there is a long way ahead, and poverty, inequality, discrimination, and labor continue to affect the children's lives in many countries. Moreover, alarming environmental changes to access clean air, water, a safe climate, and obesity are challenges ahead of the next generation.”

Visit the exhibition, rate, comment and buy artworks at: 

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