A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Guarded”

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"Guarded is a visual representation of the way we attempt to present ourselves and what we want people to see versus what is going on inside."

This piece was a special one to create. I am a person that tends to come off very serious and reserved I have even been called “stuck up” a few times. The funny part about that is that I am so far from stuck up. However, I am usually so reserved and “guarded” that you would have to know me to know that. I don’t find amusement in senseless things and I only like engaging in meaningful things! However, when I am super comfortable and people get a real taste of my personality they are always surprised. 

As I was considering the creation of this piece, I felt there would be people who could resonate and appreciate the concept of having starburst-like personalities but also being very guarded and selective about who they allowed access to that side of them.

The other side to this piece comes from always trying to be STRONG! So many people do not even understand what it feels like to be able to come unglued because they don’t feel they can afford such an experience. So instead they keep a cool demeanor and work to deliberately stay composed at all times even when life is a sand storm, tsunami, and forest fire all at one time. I created this piece shortly after my Dad passed in 2021 and I found myself constantly saying “I’m fine” until one day I had no control over how apparent it was that I wasn’t. 

Be encouraged to let your guard down sometimes and share your story because you never know who you can help and heal! 

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