A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Big Joy”

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This is a recreation of the original “Joy”. “Big Joy” just as “Joy” highlights the color yellow applied in different forms to represent all the ways you can have in your life. This piece is completed on a larger scale to represent how your joy evolves along with your self work and growth.


When the original “Joy” was created I was in a space of transition in life where I needed all the joy I could get. For me, the color yellow is a very strong representative of pure joy. It is so bright and overall an outstanding color.

This piece started out black, because that was where I was most days emotionally. However I made an intentional choice that that was not the space I wanted to stay in. During the creation of Joy I applied the bright vibrant color yellow in three different ways to represent all the ways we can have and experience joy in life.

Fast forward “Big Joy” came as I was having a conversation about how well received the piece was at a pubic installation and was challenged to recreate it on a larger scale. This idea was easy to digest, because after much self care and intentional effort, I can admit I am the happiest I have ever been. My joy is not only intentional but it is even bigger than before.

“Big Joy” is currently on view and available for purchase at Art Curio in Railway Heights Market in Houston Texas.

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