A Deeper Explanation of Art: “No Evil”

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These textured pieces are an “Abstract rendition of the proverb {“See no evil, Hear no Evil, Speak No Evil”} The pieces are intended for the original meaning of the proverb, rather than turning a blind eye to evil doings, be one who avoids malicious activities.

“Be good on purpose.”


I have always been a bit intrigued by the most famous representation of the proverb which of course is the three monkeys with hands over eyes, ears, and mouth. Like many artists, I wanted to create original art in my style to reference the proverb. However, with my strong devotion to originality, I instantly declared that I would NOT be painting a monkey or any body parts. Instead, I brainstormed how I could reference the proverb abstractly.

The original “No Evil” (black) was the concept that come to life after a few sketches I just went for the canvas.

(Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person with control issues so bad that I sketch “abstract” art)

No Evil No.2 (black and white) was a simple recreation that came about as part of the “Challenges” collection which was probably the most complex to create, using only black and white.

The third installation, “No More Evil” (Red) was likely the most intentional of them all. While the very first “No Evil” was a simple abstract rendition of the original meaning of the proverb. “No More Evil” addresses having dealt with people and/or circumstances that were of Ill intention and having a clear understanding of what it means not just to see and encounter bad behavior and ignore or reciprocate  it but to make the choice to be of a good mind-heart despite. We can either turn a blind eye, ear, and mouth to evil or we can see it as it is, addresses it, and make the conscious choice not to condone it.

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