A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Rose From Concrete”

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“The "Rose From concrete" represents determination and resilience. This piece is for everyone who has ever been faced with a situation that was intended to break their heart, break their spirit, or even break their mind but somehow they burst through to the other side of that which was designed to destroy them and were more vibrant, powerful and beautiful than ever.  

A Rose From Concrete is for those who may bend but never break and make ever the ugliest cracks looks graceful.”

The fun fact I like to share about this piece is that it took about a year from concept to execution to complete. The original idea struck one day while driving and reflecting on the transitions I had experienced, as well as the ones I felt emerging in my life.

I sketched several versions of my “Rose From Concrete” none of which came to be. As an emotional and intentional creator, my works usually tell a story of life, experiences, or circumstances, even if not my own. When I finally decided to put it on the canvas I completely strayed from the idea. I often think that’s because I did not at the time fully resonate with the concept personally. Life had to keep happening, and it happened hard! 

 In the single year’s time of the initial concept for the original Rose, I experienced the loss of my father which led to the worst mental meltdown I had ever experienced followed up by my second divorce topped off with a case of Covid. In the process of pulling myself up out of that darkness by turning to my art as a tool to overcome as I always have, I spent time intentionally teaching myself new techniques. These techniques eventually aided in the creation of the original Rose. The visual came to me as natural as the sun rising so then the Rose From Concrete came to be. 

The “Rose From Concrete” is for anyone who has hit a wall, been slammed by life, or looked defeat in the face, and with the smallest amount of courage and resilience, they could muster up, and keep going! A rose from concrete says that no matter how ugly or hard life gets you can still be vibrant. You can burst through to the other side of all the hurdles life has sent your way and be as beautiful and elegant as a rose. 

We are all a small ounce of hope and determination away from all that we desire to do and be… 


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