A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Three Cups”

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“Three Cups”

Black and white Photograph

I had three cups of coffee but I only used one mug, however instead of using the same spoon for each cup of coffee I consumed I used a new spoon each time.

There is something about placing a dish or spoon in the sink that says complete, and all done. So when I go back to have another cup of coffee my brain won’t allow me to pick that spoon back up but instead move on and just get another spoon… and I always do so with ease.

I have realized for years that is a habit of mine. Today I finally saw the art in it. Mainly because the only thing that was strategically placed before I decided to capture that shot was the mug! I looked down and saw the three spoons each representing a cup of coffee I had throughout the morning and somehow I was in a different state of mind with each.

With one cup I was cleaning moving around tidying up, the second cup I stopped and started planning what I intend to achieve for the day, the third cup was simply me not wanting the last of my coffee to go to waste as I went forward to start my day.

“Three Cups” say It is possible to shift and endure change without losing yourself. Don’t be afraid of change, you are still you. The same cup, just different spoons.

Everything Is Art, you just have to see it


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