Deeper Explanation of Art: Beautiful, Brilliant and Broken

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This work was a concept that came to me after having made acquaintance with and observing a friend some time back.

Often in conversations with my friend, this would be a phrase that would come to me so I decided to figure out how to transform that phrase/concept into an abstract visual that I found suiting. This work is a triptych with the texture of each canvas intended to tell the story of a Beautiful, Brilliant, and Broken woman.

This woman possesses an alluring beauty almost mesmerizing. A beauty that all the Gods unanimously agreed on. Some would even describe it as breathtaking. While I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Trust me no eye would be disappointed having to gaze at this woman for any period. I describe her beauty in this way to help understand what you see when you see her with just your naked eye and at first glance. Because honestly, each piece of this work is about seeing her fully.

Her brilliance is quick and beyond. Her words are powerful enough to inspire generations and meaningful enough to raise an amen from the furthest corner of the room. A master intellectual, a wordsmith, and deeply connected to the most important things, revolutionary, creative, and right. The brilliance that would send the greatest of theorists to the round table in awe. She sounds perfect, doesn’t she?!

She’s not. She was very broken.

Now I know a lot of people hear the word broken and instantly take offense or see it as negative but I intend it as the very opposite. That element is my favorite part of the work and concept. Again it’s about being able to truly see someone and often we can’t see the broken parts of people because they usually mask them well or pretend like it’s not there or we are not even looking. There was something about looking at this friend of mine that somehow in seeing her fully I also saw all the cracks and broken parts as well. The parts she never talked about. I could hear the things she didn’t say, feel the emotions she would never express. Things about herself and her life, the insecurities, the traumas, the worries, and the regrets. These cracks were all the most beautiful parts of her. I think because I could see them in a way that many regular people could not I appreciated them. I never really knew if she embraced her cracks I was simply inspired by observation so I created Beautiful, Brilliant, and Broken. I think I was so inspired by her cracks because they helped me to see and lean into my own.

This work is a dedication to all the people who are on a quest for self-actualization and wholeness and are willing to embrace the broken and cracked parts of you and make them the most beautiful parts of your story!

Be Love!



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