AAMA Work and Learn Center X Roxy Wuz Here Art

We are excited to mention that, ending black history month 2023, Roxy Wuz Here Art was invited to facilitate an art healing workshop during the monthly Connect Club event for the Work and Learn center of the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans located in Houston Texas.

It was an absolute privilege to have an opportunity to connect with the young group and present the Overcoming project. Allowing them to check in with themselves and express those findings on the canvas. One of the major takeaways from that recent workshop was understanding the different ways it can look for people of all ages to spend that time checking in with themselves and having space to express their findings. The creative projects that were produced that evening were touching, inspirational, and beyond exceptional.

The word for such experiences is always gratitude.   A very special thank you to the AAMA WLC Graphic Design Specialist Carla Lyles and the entire team for the invitation and extremely warm reception.

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