Canvas Rebel Interview 2022

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Pleased to share a preview from the recent interview with Rickale West Artist of Roxy Wuz Here Art on Canvas Rebel Magazine! 


“Alright, Rickale thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. We’d love to hear about a project that you’ve worked on that’s meant a lot to you.

Honestly I believe all of my work is meaningful in its own way. If i had to say of all my projects, one of the most meaningful has been my piece titled “I’m ok” which features a silhouette of a face speaking the words “I’m Ok” however inside the silhouette are words that describe things that people deal with internally in everyday life such as “anxiety”, “doubt”, “fear”, “unworthy”, and “black girls cant afford a break” At the time I created the piece I had no idea how meaningful it would be however to witness the impact that such a personal piece has had on so many has been a very fulfilling experiences.

“I’m Ok” was inspired by not only my own journey but also, my mother. She has always allowed me as an emotional person to be just that but she has always instilled strength in me. No matter how many times she has had to pivot in life I have never seen my mother give up. I spent my childhood watching her take on the task of raising three children as a single mother all while making sure we lacked nothing. She was epitome of a black girl who couldn’t afford a break because if she had given up I would not be who I am today. No matter how bizarre things may have gotten she would always insist on being “OK” because had to keep going for her children.

“I’m ok” It is a dedication to everyone who has had to bear the burdens and twists and turns of life with a straight face. It is my most exhibited piece to date.”


click link below for full Interview

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