Deeper Explanation of Art: “Grieving Life”

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“Grieving Life” is an artwork of the latest Roxy Wuz Here Art Collection titled “Life is Life-ing“ This collection features artworks that are multi layered and multi medium abstract illustrations of lived or observed life experiences. Each work includes the word “Life” in the title with varied color palettes and textures to help truly speak to the concept of each work. Life happens everyday in so many different ways and it means something completely different to every one of us, no matter our walk. This body of work brings together multiple aspects of how life can be life-ing for anyone with the hope to connect every one and provide a look into that many different perspectives and understandings of life even if it’s not our own. 


Each work of this collection is accompanied by descriptions from the artist perspective of how life be life-ing. This collection will soon be ready for exhibit and will consist of a total of 20 works along with 20 descriptions. 


 Enjoy a sample of  “Life Is Life-ing” 

Grieving Life 

Four nights before I was scheduled for the largest art workshop I had facilitated during my art career, ironically a workshop regarding, mental wellness featuring a project about being in a dark space and navigating, your way out of it, sitting in my home office, I received notice that one of the most important people I had ever considered apart of my village, had perished. The worst part about it, I was all alone. I sat in disbelief with only the company of my angels and swayed slowly side to side as I let out the most pain filled shriek I think I had ever made. Because that woman, was like another mother, she was undeniable light in all the darkest corners of this earth, she was a savior on so many occasions where I for sure knew I had lost or was on the verge of losing myself. That night I cried myself to sleep and woke up the next day with tears falling as soon as I opened my eyes. It was then I definitely knew, I was “Grieving Life” The thing about falling asleep in tears of grief is waking up and its still there. That day, it was either paint all day or cry all day. So I painted. 



As I reflect on the initial intention of  “Grieving Life”. I also consider other kinds of grief. The grief when you CHOOSE to disassociate with people who have not departed.

In these more recent reflections I have realized the pain and impact of having to grieve the living… friends, family, lovers and even versions of yourself… people who are only a phone call, a plane ride or a car drive away. You can still see, hear, and smell them but… you can’t and you won’t engage because either the version of you that would, no longer exists or the intensities or familiarities that bonded you have died and at some point someone had to choose themselves over a spiraling friendship or relationship so you find yourself moving on and grieving the life that once included those people.

“Grieving Life” is a dedication to a village member, to family lost, to loved ones lost. to disassociation, to loss of the old version of you.  An artwork featuring rhythmic and vibrant colors disrupted by a streak of black but recovered in vibrant colors, because death happens and we grieve and when we are intentional about healing, life can be vibrant again. “Grieving Life” includes intentionally controlled layers because it is structure, coordination and management that is sometimes needed when we are faced with unexpected life changes like grief in the midst of important major life moments

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