Art & Mental Wellness Apparel "Be Still & Heal" Ft. Painting: “I’m Not Ok”

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 It is ok to not be ok... 

 "I'm Not Ok" (2021)

The concept and artwork are about the power of vulnerability and accepting when you know you are not at your best, acknowledging that and implementing a healthy self care and management routine to reset and recharge. It is about being intentional in creating a safe space for self as you navigate your life and healing journey. 

"I'm Not Ok" is the answer to the first artwork "I'm ok" which was originally created in 2019 and was more so about being in space of denial and persisting through the challenges of life without granting yourself grace and space to slow down and heal. These works were the first two works in a series that have become the illustrations of a real-life healing journey which now includes a total of 7 works. "I'm Not Ok" says I see you, its ok to not be ok and you deserve to heal. 
“I’m Not Ok” was included as part of the 25th Anniversary Citywide African American Artists Exhibition for the University Museum at Texas Southern University in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Art Houston in 2022. It has also been the featured concept for several Healing Through Art Workshops, Facilitated by Roxy Wuz Here Art Founder Rickale West, most notably the Wounded Warrior Project in 2024.


May being Mental Health awareness month, RWHA decided to give all the mental health awareness warriors and advocates and anyone just needing a reminder to Be Still & Heal a head start to get geared up with our new Be Still & Heal unisex heavy cotton T-shirt.

Be Still & Heal Unisex T-shirt with ft. artwork: “I’m Not Ok sizes Small - 5XL available now available at $39.99 online.


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