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Old news is always still good news! Months have since passed however I must share one of the absolutely RWHA highlights of 2022.

I had been bursting at the seams since the day executive administrator Crystal Walter of Mathieu Jn Baptiste LLC contacted me with the opportunity to step in as a subcontractor to facilitate a paint workshop for over 80 guests during the wellness conference for their client Harris County Dept. of Education In October of 2022.

I will admit although having done them in the past, I have always been a bit resistant to “paint parties” and paint and sips. However I knew this request was different, it was extremely meaningful and aligned.

Immediately during the initial conversation I knew the “Overcoming” project would be the best fit to execute this assignment.

“Overcoming is a quadtych painting with elements all intended to highlight and acknowledge the stages of depression and overcoming it”

After an explanation of the concept, guests were then encouraged to check in with themselves as they resonated with the meaning of the work and then recreate their own version of it. I witnessed as many of these educators tapped in with self and released their discoveries onto the canvas.

What an experience!

I have immense gratitude for the call, the reception, the impact and the opportunity to not only represent an amazing organization such as Mathieu JN Baptiste LLC but also, to help continue spread awareness to the link between art and mental wellness!


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