A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Note To Self”

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Note to self features a scroll with affirming statements juxtapose to a silhouette speaking the words “I Am”.

It reads:

I Am Love

I Am Light

I Am Joy

I Am Healed

I Am Worthy

I Am Great

I Am Me

You are the blueprint for how others treat you.
If someone flooded you with compliments, depending on where you are in your healing, it would flatter you. So why not tell yourself all those things? Your mind and spirit will receive it way better coming from you.

Positive self perception and positive self speak sounds easy but the truth is for many people it isn’t. It’s takes tons of work and conditioning to speak positively about one’s self especially if that was not a root or core practice in their upbringing or environment.  Positive self speak sometimes starts with what you believe about yourself and even if you don’t believe positive things about yourself the best way to start that belief is to just do it, just say it. If someone else said it over and over you may start believe them so why not give that flattery to yourself!?

It is my opinion that we behave the way we believe and we believe what we tell ourselves, So tell yourself something good!

“Note To Self” was an idea that came from doodling and combining the silhouette with a scroll then later including words of affirmations to tie the works into the “I am” series.

“Note To Self” is currently on view through fall 2023 at Sul Ross Behavioral center in Houston Tx. 

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