Welcome to Roxy Wuz Here Art

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Welcome to Roxy Wuz Here Art! 

 Who we are? 

Roxy Wuz Here Art founder and artist Rickale West has a life long mission of mental health awareness and now healing through art. Originally from Dallas Texas Rickale relocated to Houston Tx. to study Psychology and Child and Family Development to earn a BA in Psychology from Texas Southern University. 

Photo: MFAH and University Museum at TXSU 25th annual Citywide African American Artist Exhibition 2022, artwork title: “I’m Not Ok” (2021)

Rickale has always been artistically inclined and her passion for arts, children and mental healing has always been present and it shows through her original one of a kind artworks. Roxy Wuz Here Art original artworks are geared towards mental health awareness, art healing and an illustration of lived or observed life experiences that others may resonate with. Since the beginning of her artistic practice, the initiative has been to spread healing through art and encourage others to use art healing as a tool as well. 


Photo: T.R.U.T.H Project annual exhibit at MATCH HOUSTON 2023, Artwork title: “Light of Humanity” (2023)

What we do? 

Roxy Wuz Here Art’s mission is to help people tap into emotions and realize the link between mental wellness and art, with art that is centered around mental health awareness and positive self perception that provokes introspective thought. A few ways that we do this is by offering art for exhibition, Healing Through Art paint workshops and functional art via consumer goods. Select functional consumer items are also available for wholesale ordering to retailers and organizations.

Photo: Healing Through Art Workshop at Harris County Dept. of Education Wellness conference 2022 subcontract via Mathieu JN Baptiste LLC.

Why we do it? 

As previously mentioned our mission has been the spread the awareness and strengthen the link of art and mental wellness. Sure nearly every artist will tell you that art has healing powers and can speak to it from their person experience and prospective. That is just what we do. Art began as a management tool to navigate some of the most trying moments on this journey we call life and while it still serves as such a tool, it is now a key to open doors when I am meant to serve beyond the canvas. Using our innovative concepts we encourage deep introspection which can potentially lead to more universal healing. 

- Roxy Wuz Here 

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