“Life is Life-ing” Series Preview recap

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This past weekend Artist and Founder of Roxy Wuz Here Art Rickale West debuted a preview of 10 works of the latest series “Life is Life-ing” at Bluestone Lane Cafe Heights in Houston Texas.

We were joined by fellow Houston artists, local business owners, community leaders and more. We came together from a multitude of life paths to view and share the different perspectives of how life be life-ing for us all. The most tender connections and conversations grew from this space.


photo: Rickale West (Roxy Wuz Here Art), Jasmine Lynch (Come Bee Well Wellness) 

This body of work features the most intentional, intuitive and energetically charged works produced to date!

Life happens everyday in so many different ways and it means something completely different to each of us, no matter our walk. This body of work brings together multiple aspects of how life can be life-ing for anyone with the hope to connect every one and provide a look into those many different perspectives and understandings of life even if it’s not our own. This series challenges the idea that “life, life-ing” is always a bad thing, life just is, so live it. embrace it, all the sweet soft moments and especially the beautifully devastating moments. 

  “Life is Life-ing”,  a series of works featuring  abstract layers using, mixed medium and alternative materials to create textures and an aesthetics that elevates the energy of each artwork as well as aid in creating visuals of the many ways that life can be life-ing. The textures, layers and detailed descriptions all represent letting go and embracing the unexpected changes that are sure to occur throughout our life’s journey and how even those changes can be  the most intriguing part of the journey especially when we embrace them head on. One primary objective with the “Life Is Life-ing” Series is to stray from the previous technical execution of controlled layered paintings and just let go, creating designs without attempting to control the outcome. “Life is life-ing” is about joy, freedom, embracing all that life brings you and  going with the flow as life happens.


photo left to right: Mathieu Jn Baptiste, Rickale West, Rodney Butler 

Roxy Wuz Here Art Would like to thank all those who were in attendance to share in the viewing of these works. We are looking forward to sharing the full series soon!!


-Roxy Wuz Here

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