Roxy Wuz Here Art Presents “Little Art Lovers”

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Roxy Wuz Here Art is pleased to present “Little Art Lovers” Project.

Our mission is social impact through the arts along with raising awareness to the link between mental wellness and art.

It is my belief that community is wherever we are guided to serve a need and work towards a common goal, while leaning into the pool of resources that are offered from within that community to achieve this goal.

The Little Art Lovers Exhibit will feature an outreach station collaborating with the local nonprofit, Kids Meals Inc. to supply educational materials and resources about fighting child hunger in Harris County.

The "Little Art Lovers" exhibition will educate, empower, and encourage the community to take action against food deserts and child hunger in Harris County by utilizing arts and culture, volunteers, community partners, and post event workshops.

The premier Gremillion will be activated with entertainment, light bites, cocktails, photo stations and more. The Little Art Lovers Project has gained the support and sponsorship of the Law Office of Richard J. Presutti along with several local businesses, city officials and community leaders.

Please come join us for an evening of fun, collaboration and most importantly, show your support for our community's children. 

Dress code: Business cocktail in earth tones. Tickets available on Eventbrite 


Why did we choose to use the Little Art Lovers Project to benefit Kids Meals? 

Just take a look at the Kids Meals impact report from January - September 2023. 


Since 2006 Kids Meals has been devoted to making hunger less of a worry for our children and Roxy Wuz Here Art supports that mission and “Little Art Lovers” Project is our hand in the fight. Food and water are the most basic needs, and our innocent children should be experiencing the freedom and joy of growing and exploring without the worry of when they will have their next meal.

All Ticket sales plus a portion of all art sales will go towards the Kids Meals mission to end childhood hunger.   

Please contact Roxy Wuz Here Art to learn about becoming an event sponsor!

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