A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Fuck Love, Love Always”

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“Fuck Love, Love Always” is a simple description of those people who love extremely hard but when they are all done you will wonder if they ever even loved you… there is no in-between!


So that’s the general description provided anytime I talk about this piece but the truth of what provoked me to take my paintbrush and write fuck love on a canvas is a little deeper than that.


At the time I started my “Challenges” series, I was still in my very tumultuous second marriage. As I got to this piece in my series, I had only painted the canvas a solid black with no concept or direction for what I was going to create. Then one day while this plain black canvas lay in my studio minding its business my then-wife asked me for a divorce… I know many would wonder WOW she asked for a divorce, what did you do? To be honest, I don’t even remember why she asked for a divorce that day it was a very reoccurring proposal and, I couldn’t keep up. Either way in my frustration with this proposal I said “Ok” and then went down to my studio and just took a paintbrush and wrote “Fuck Love” on the canvas.

Disclaimer: that’s not actually how I feel about love.

A few days went by and of course, we didn’t break up at that time. So with me in a different headspace and not wanting to offend her with the piece, I completely changed the direction. So I added “Always” and with the words “Fuck Love Always” I had a completely new idea for this piece which is where the current description comes from. This piece is for all the cold hearted tender lovers out there. People who can be the most tender person but can also be as cold as ice when they feel they have exhausted all efforts. There is no in-between so it’s either “Fuck Love” or “Love Always”.



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