A Deeper Explanation of Art: “Good Energy”

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Good energy was the perfect title for this piece. A good friend of mine helped me name it while I was playing with title ideas and describing my mood when creating it we arrived at “Good Energy”.


The initial piece started about a year prior and the canvas just hung around my space incomplete being moved around, out of the way sitting in a corner here and there. Until one day I was suddenly like I’m going to finish all the incomplete paintings. When I got to this one I had already decided to continue my “Challenges” collection and I was in this space of extremely high vibration. I like to say I had a mad scientist moment with this painting. It was like singing, dancing, and floating all at the same time so everything that came to me at that exact moment went on the canvas. I have had joy while creating but honestly, I don’t think I have ever felt so light and free.


“When you reach a certain level of peace and joy, you will insist on it remaining that way!”


“Good Energy” is made up of course texture medium, aerosol, acrylic, fluid acrylic, and oil pastel.

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