Recap of the Hardy and Nance B&W #6

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Old news is still good news! So here is my brief recap of the Hardy and Nance black and white #6

Oh what a night! What an honor and privilege it was to be selected to participate in such an amazing exhibit. From the time you entered there was black and white arts draped from one end to the other. Each piece was so unique and of extreme quality. For the past year I had been in my own world of enhancing vision and creating in black and white so to witness soooo many different piece and to see what other could do with just those two colors was truly breathtaking. 

The space was packed it seemed like wall to wall at many points, the conversations were fulfilling, and the energy in the room was like no other exhibit I had personally ever participated in. I enjoyed every minute of it!

I always appreciate the opportunity to meet and network with other amazing artists. Even at events that I don’t make major sales I still gain something, be it, a new connection, a new opportunity, new insight, or even the opportunity to share something I know with other artists who seem to have similar goals as myself. It's always a win! 

Of all the black and white pieces I have, I am satisfied that “Good Energy” was the piece exhibited at the show. That piece came from an extremely high vibration space and it was a pleasure to be able to share that with so many people!

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